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Walks to your mobile

Walkingworld app
The Walkingworld app for Android and iOS brings all the instructions, waymark pictures and maps for a walk to your mobile phone, allowing you to follow the route easily. With the phone's GPS turned on you can see your exact position on the map and how you are progressing to the next waymark.

The walk information and mapping is stored on the device for offline use, so you don't need to worry about mobile phone signal once you are out on your walk.

The Walkingworld app is free to use even if you are not a Walkingworld subscriber. As a non-subscriber you can download the instructions and pictures for a walk and follow it on a simple map. Any free sample walks and walks you have bought individually will be shown on 'proper' OS Landranger and Explorer maps. You can save one walk at a time and it will be kept on your device for 7 days.

The app really comes into its own for subscribers. The mapping for the walk is OS Landranger and Explorer mapping, with the ability to zoom in tightly to see all the detail if you need to. You can also save as many walks as you like and they are stored on your device for 30 days.

You can keep up to date with news on the app at, where we will also be keeping a regular blog with 'interesting stuff'.

To find the app search on Google Play on on the Apple App Store for 'Walkingworld' (all one word).


ViewRangerWW2_iPhone.jpgThe ViewRanger app for Android and iPhone allows you to view your position and plotted routes on installed maps your mobile phone. The app is free and you can view Walkingworld walks on a range of 'open' mapping and aerial imagery. Walkingworld subscribers can download walks direct to the app for no extra cost.

Please note that the app does not download the OS maps that we provide. The free OpenCycleMap mapping available with ViewRanger is actually reasonably good for walking as it shows contours and can be used very effectively with a printed paper map.

However if you want more detailed mappping you can buy tiles for an increasing range of countries. Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 Explorer and 1:50,000 Landranger mapping is available and makes ViewRanger very good value as a 'GPS replacement'.

The application links directly with Walkingworld to search for walks in your vicinity. If you are Walkingworld subscriber you can then download the walk directly to your phone. This gives you the step by step instructions, position data and the waymark pictures.

You can set up this access in your My ViewRanger account. First you need to register your phone in the My Viewranger community portal - this is done automatically when you sign up from the app.

Once you have done this you should log in to the My ViewRanger portal and enter your Walkingworld login details. To do this select 'Plug ins' from the 'My account' drop down menu at the top of the page. Put in the email address you are registered with for Walkingworld and your Walkingworld password, and press 'Save'. Note that this is in the portal and not in the app.

Finally make sure you are signed into your ViewRanger account on your device. You'll find this under the Settings menu.

To find walks in a particular location centre the map on the place and bring up the function to Search, then pick Routes. Little Walkingworld logos should come up on the map to show where the walks start. Touch the screen on the one you want and hold your finger there to bring up an option to download. First you get the summary and then the option to download the waymarks. As long as you have entered your Walkingworld login (as described above) the app will recognise that you have a current subscription and the download will be free.