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From November 2010 we will be archiving monthly newsletters so you can read them online and refer back to them. You will find a listing on the right.

Not getting your email newsletter?
If you are not receiving your email newsletter the first thing to check is that you have not opted out of them. To do this log in to the site and click 'Change my details' at the top of the page. You can set your option to receive the email newsletters in your profile.

If you still do not receive them it's possible that we have recorded 'bounce-backs' from your email address. This may have happened if we had an old email address for you for a while. Let us know if you are not getting them and we can check your 'bounce-back' status and reset it if necessary. Unfortunately some ISPs have bounced email newsletters even though the address is valid so it's always worth asking us to check (BT is a particular culprit for doing this).

Finally you may need to check in any spam folders you have. The newsletter is an automated email sent directly from our server and these can be misinterpreted as spam. Usually if you accept an email from us once our sending address will be recorded in your settings and you should get them properly thereafter. 

If you would like to advertise in the email newsletter you will find more information here.


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