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Submit a walk

It's really quite easy to submit a walk to Walkingworld. What's more, we don't ask you to do all the work for free. We'll give you an annual subscription for each walk and you'll earn commission every time your walk is downloaded. In return we ask that you take responsibility for the walk in the longer term and help us to keep it up to date.

Getting started
Walkingworld walks come in their own special format, so have a look at some of the walks in the database to get a feel for what is needed. If you haven’t subscribed already then take a look at any of the walks that are free samples. You will see that the format relies quite heavily on photographs. This makes the walk much easier to follow - a picture is worth a thousand words! It also makes the task of writing instructions much simpler.

Please read our Contributor's Guide (PDF) before booking to submit a walk. There is a significant amount of work involved in submitting a route and it's important for all of us that each route is described properly.

For your first walk submission we recommend that you do a single short and easy-to-follow route to make learning the process as easy as possible.

To reserve your walk go to My Walks and book your walk ('Contribute a walk' under the Quick Links menu). You'll be asked for some basic information about the walk, such as its title, where it is, a short description and a rough length. You can amend all this information later if it turns out to be wrong. We will check that your walk does not already exist in the database; if it doesn't you can go ahead! 

Useful links and downloads 
Download the separate instruction sheet for marking up a route and writing the instructions in Memory-Map or Quo: Submit your walk with Memory-Map (PDF, 500KB), Submit your walk with Quo (PDF, 250KB)

Download the Contributor's Guide and instructions for plotting a route using Ordnance Survey's OS Maps: Submit your route using OS Maps (PDF, 2MB)

The latter will shortly be available as a printed A5 booklet. Please get in touch if you would like us to send you one.
Getting help
Remember if you have any problems at any stage, or simply want some advice, just contact us. Call 017683 42029 and ask for Chris Stewart. Or email her on

We look forward to seeing your walk!

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