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Walkingworld will give you ONE YEAR's subscription in return for each newly submitted walk. Please email Chris or David to ensure your subscription is updated when required. Unfortunately there is no automated system for the subscription so a reminder is always gratefully received.

Your walk will enter our commission scheme. Under this scheme you receive a share of subscriptions made by members to download walks, whether on the website, to the Walkingworld app or to a third party app or printed booklet or leaflet via an approved partnership.

A standard annual subscription is £18 including VAT, although there may be special offers from time to time (for instance for re-subscribing) and in some cases we pay commission to a partner for referring the customer to us. As well as the VAT we have to cover the credit card transaction costs. The remaining amount we take to be our revenue from the subscription.

25% of this revenue is paid into the contributors fund. Your payment from the fund is based on the number of times your walk or walks have been downloaded, so the more popular walks will gain higher payments. The share-out is done annually, based on the subscriptions for each calendar year. You will receive your share from March onwards when we have completed the calculations. There is a minimum payment each year of £10 for payments by bank transfer or £50 by cheque; if your total does not reach this threshold it is carried over to the following year.

Walks can also be bought individually for a small fee. The cost of sale and administration is much higher than subscriptions, so in this case 10% of the revenue earned by Walkingworld for each sale is added to the contributors fund. It is worth pointing out that the proportion of revenue from individual purchases is much smaller than the subscription revenue.

For the past few years the commission has worked out at around 14p per walk download. Annually this may amount to £10 for each walk you submit - it could be more or less depending on the walk's popularity. This may not sound much but remember that, providing you keep the walk up to date, you will get a payment like this every year. You might consider it the equivalent of having £300 in the bank paying a 3.5% interest rate. Looked at this way it's possible, with a portfolio of just 10 walks or so, to create an 'asset' for yourself worth several thousand pounds, in terms of the interest it earns you each year.