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In your membership profile you can change a number of preferences for displaying information about the walks. To get to your profile click 'Change my details' at the top of the page. This takes you to the My Walkingworld area of the site.

In your profile you can select to have walk lengths shown in miles rather than kilometres and height gain in feet rather than metres.

The duration of the walk is worked out using the well-established 'Naismith's Rule', which takes into account your average speed on the flat plus 10 minutes for every 100 metres of climb. If you generally walk at about 3 kms/hr, say, then change the speed to that.

We also allow you to put in an estimated percentage of extra time for breaks. If you reckon you spend a quarter extra time on a walk having lunch and looking at the views then put 25% into this field.

The default for UK grid references is a 6 figure reference (e.g. NY256783). You can change this to a more detailed 10 figure reference if you wish, for instance if you want to enter references manually into a GPS. When you print out a walk the grid reference will be in the format you have chosen.

After updating your preferences it's best to log out and log in again to make sure they take effect.