Walking in the Scottish Highlands

For many people the Highlands and Islands are the prime walking areas of Scotland. Encompassing the great mountain ranges of the Cairngorms, Nevis and Torridon, amongst others, there is plenty to satisfy the serious hill walker. It is also possible to find yourself in the remotest terrain, places where you can walk all day and not meet another soul.

But there are gentler walks too, along the coastline of the mainland, through forested valleys and around the shores of the many lochs. Scotland is a place with a deep social history, not all of it happy. The landscape is still largely the product of the infamous Highland clearances, which de-populated many of the valleys and made them the remote places they are today. Today much of that landscape has been given over to outdoor sports, from deer stalking and fishing to mountain biking and mountaineering.

The islands, too, have their individual histories and charms. Some, like Skye, are well known for their stupendous mountain ranges; others, though flatter, have a barren beauty. All are a haven for wildlife, particularly for seabirds that can be found nesting all along the rocky cliff edges. On some you will find stunning sandy beaches, perfect for a morning or evening stroll.


Walks in Highland


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