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February 2023

App update warning!

Next week we have scheduled an update to the app which affects both the Apple and Android versions. Because of changes in policy over where data from apps can be stored on Apple and Android devices, both versions of the app will store the OS mapping data in new places. This means that maps that are already stored on the device will no longer be accessible.

If you have updating turned on the app will update automatically. Your login details should still be recognised and you will still see a list of your saved walks. You will be able to view the pictures and instructions for the walk but there will be no map. So the best thing to do will be to delete any saved walks and re-download them.

Before you do this, it would be as well to check that the update has actually taken place. If you look in Settings on the app, at the very bottom of the screen is a version number. For the updated version you are looking for either 2.0.7 or 2.0.8 (or above). There will be a reminder on the app Home screen of this update and its effects, and once the release has been made we’ll advise there that it has happened. So please keep an eye on this message.

Is your waterproof not performing as well as it did?
The answer, according to the experts at Mad about Mountains, might well be that it needs a clean or re-proofing. Washing and reproofing should be done every six to twelve months depending on use. The reason for re-proofing is that almost all breathable, waterproof items rely on a special DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating. Over time this wears and deteriorates so the outer fabric can then absorb water. Regular cleaning is important as dirt can affect breathability which may cause a build up of condensation inside the garment - you get wet from the inside out!

Mad about Mountains recommend using Nixwax products. Conventional detergents leave residues on the garment and affect the finish and breathability. These can lead to the garment 'wetting out'. If your item just needs a wash first make sure your machine is clean, then use Nixwax Tech Wash or similar, with a maximum of two items per wash.

If your item is clean and still not working well or has not been re-proofed for a while then use a re-proofer like TX.Direct. This is in a wash-in or spray form, depending on the garment. The wash-in will get into even your taped seams whereas the spray will just coat the outside. If doing a re-proof after the 'Tech Wash' there is no need to dry between washes. After washing and reproofing, dry your item over a heat source (always following manufacturer guidelines) as heat helps to activate the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating.

Much the same rules and processes apply to your waterproof boots or shoes. They should be kept clean and then you should regularly use a waterproof spray or wax suitable for the fabric of your footwear.

Walkers are Welcome at the Chepstow Walking Festival

The Chepstow Walking Festival is taking place in its usual Easter slot of 11th-16th April. Walks include the St Tewdrigs Trail, an 11 mile walk from Tintern Old Station to St Tewdrigs Church, Mathern and a walk of 7 miles from the Source to Mouth of the Angiddy River, especially devised for the festival. Both of these are linear walks and the transport cost is included in the ticket price. All in all there are 36 walks of all shapes and sizes so there's sure to be something for everyone

The Festival has also partnered with South Wales Long Distance Walkers Association, who are organising an 'Offa's Twisted Wye Kanter' on Festival Sunday. The Kanter is a selection of fully supported but self-guided longer walks of varying lengths, with challenges to meet along the way and catering at the start and on your return. Early booking advised.

Updated walks in Sierra de Cazorla
In February Jim Arymar spent two weeks re-walking the portfolio of walks in the magnificent and vast Sierra de Cazorla and Segura in Spain and has added one more. Jim has updated the article on the region which gives an insight into the beautiful walks available there. This really is a superb area to visit and walk in especially in Spring and Autumn.

Thames Walk for APS Support UK

Yvonne Wren has completed a walk along the Thames Path National Trail which started as a personal challenge to be completed before her 70th birthday next month. Yvonne has antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) and decided to use her challenge to raise money for APS Support UK. She walked 184 miles over 8 months, doing 25 different stages from the source heading towards the Thames Barrier. Donations gratefully received at Justgiving.