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Searching for walks on OS maps

After doing an initial search for walks you can click the button at the top to 'Show these walks on a map'. This shows the walks listed on the page on Google Maps. You can increase the number of walks shown by changing the number of walks per page from the drop-down menu on the right. You can zoom in and out of the street map view on Googe Maps to help select your walk. Click each icon for more information on the walk.

If you want to search for Walkingworld walks on more detailed maps you can do so using various mapping applications. You can import an overlay of the locations of the walk starts into the application. In most cases you will be able to click a link to see more information about the walk on the website.

Creating the overlay file
You should do a preliminary search on the site to create a list of walks from which you want to pick. This could be a very defined list or it could be a wide search to include, for instance, all the walks in Scotland. To create a search for all the walks in a particular country use the Find a Walk tool, leave the top options (for walk grade, length, etc.) blank and click the tab for Area. Choose the country you want and click to search.

On the results page you will see some options to download the results (PDF, GPX, etc.). The key options for searching on digital maps are GPX, AutoRoute and KML for GoogleEarth. Choose the one you want and save the file to disk.

Digital mapping applications
WWquosearch.jpgMemory-Map, Quo and Anquet are all capable of importing the GPX files as an overlay. You need to select the Import function from within the application and GPX as the file type. Note that it is quite a big overlay and may take a while to import. You may want to experiment with hiding and displaying the waypoint labels. The waypoints imported include a link back to the website for each walk, so if you double-click on a walk you should be taken to that walk on the website.

Searching on your mobile
ViewRanger is an application that can be installed on iPhone, Android and Symbian phones. Check on their website for compatibility with your phone. The 'Search for Routes' function within the application uses your GPS positiion to find Walkingworld routes near where you are standing. You can click to see a summary of the route. If you have an active subscription to Walkingworld you can enter your login details in your online ViewRanger account - more about this. Then you can download the walks to your phone for free - all the route details are downloaded, including the instructions, waypoints and pictures.

Searching on Google Maps
John Thorn has created some pages allowing you to search for walks on Google Maps. Go to these pages