About this forum

This forum is specifically for discussion of the subjects in the 'Pathways' book. The book is available from the website (look on the homepage) or, as they say, from all good bookshops.

In the book we discuss the history of a whole range of paths, from ancient trackways to pedestrian zones. We undertake a single walk and describe its history and the way it is now. Clearly there are hundreds of such walks across the country, so please use this forum to highlight ones you have found and your experiences on them. We also welcome discussion around the history of these paths (and corrections where we have got our facts wrong).

As with any forum, please try to keep to the point, don't advertise unless it is absolutely relevant to the discussion and present your arguments in a decent, agreeable way. We reserve the right to remove posts that are in any way objectionable.
You can contact me through Walkingworld.com